Kesebetler Gıda
Kesebetler Gıda

Natural, Organic Fruits! In Frozen, Dried and Fresh Form

Dried Fruits

Fruits Produced Under Good Agricultural Conditions are carefully separated after being harvested by subjecting to a 3-stage elimination process. Fruits classified according to their moisture content are sterilized using special methods. After this process, the sap values of 95% to 80% are reduced to the range of 20% to 10% in special dryers. Vitamin values are preserved by shock. Storage Conditions of our Dried Products are realized under Special Humidity and Heat Conditions.

Frozen Fruits

We have worked for many years to preserve our Fresh Fruits. For fruits containing 98% and 80% water, we perform pre-screening processes in accordance with their own qualities and standardize them. After each fruit variety is processed separately, we purify it from mold fungi and bacteriophages and shock and preserve it at -40 degrees with IQF and Air Circulation Methods at varying times. Thus, we manage to preserve the amount of Flavor and Vitamin.

Herbal Tea

Our blends obtained from medicinal plants that grow in their natural environment and have not undergone any spraying and fertilization process are in demand from many parts of the world. The plants supplied as wet and dry are carefully sorted by expert sorting personnel. Our blends are created in precise proportions.

Dried Plants

It is no secret that our country has a Rich Vegetation Cover. The most important feature of this diversity is that it has turned into a product with natural and non-industrial production methods. As Kesebetler Gıda, we proudly present the natural herbs that we have passed through sensitive tests.

Fruit Tea

Birçok üretici firmadan farklı olarak Meyve Çaylarımızı Kurutma sürecinin başında özel olarak seçilen, yoğun kokulu ve tada sahip meyvelerden özenle seçtiğimiz harmanlardan imal etmekteyiz. Müşteri talebine uygun oranlarda harmanlar üretme kabiliyetimiz bulunmaktadır.

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The Value of Human invaluable. The Traces of the Value We give to Human Health and Existence are the Basis of All Investment We Have Made.

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