Kesebetler Gıda
Kesebetler Gıda

The Basis of Our Production System Is Shaped To Protect The Natural Structure Of Our Products. We Never Use Artificial Preservatives!

We Ensure Food Safety with a total of 14.000 m2 Closed Production and Storage Area. The Production Lines we use are manufactured with Antibacterial materials that do not contain toxic residues. Thanks to the Constraint Management System we use, we can immediately organize with Variable Production Belt Systems in order not to delay our orders. Thus, we manage to keep our costs at the lowest level as well as maintaining product quality.

We supply products from producers with a Good Agriculture Certificate, which has a Production System in the Supply of Agricultural Products. We Accept Products That Meet Our Quality Standards By Testing Before Supply. Our standards are above the Limits stipulated by the Agricultural Codexes and are structured according to our own production culture.

Sürekli Olarak Değer Zinciri Analizi Yapıyoruz. Üretim Organizasyonumuzu sürekli güncel tutarak bilgi birikimizi değere dönüştürüyoruz. Sağladığımız bu katmadeğer, Müşterilerimize teslimatta dakik davranma avantajı sağlamaktadır.

Özenle Seçilen Ürünler, Kaliteli Besin Değerleri

Storage of Agricultural Products is a specific issue. Agricultural Products obtained at the end of an extremely valuable and labor-intensive process are stored by adding value without losing their value. Our storage actions, which vary according to climate, weather conditions and orders, protect the nutritional value of our products.

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