Kesebetler Gıda
Kesebetler Gıda

The whole world knows the quality of our products, which are grown in their natural environment, without the use of unconscious pesticides and fertilizers, processed in accordance with Technical Agriculture Principles !

Kesebetler Gıda has been operating since 1992 as a competent Food Producer with an international identity, preferred in the Fresh, Dried and Frozen Fruit Products Sector. The products grown in the unique climate of Anatolia and cultivated in the fertile lands are carefully selected, processed and presented to our valued customers with techniques consisting of experience and technology. All products in our product range are followed from the growing stage, products with appropriate criteria are harvested and processed in our constantly updated technological production systems.

While using innovative production techniques, Kesebetler Gıda uses a method that does not disturb the naturalness of the products and even improves them by contributing. It aims to present food products by preserving the characteristics of the food without compromising the understanding of kneading the traditional production understanding with technology, which does not turn food products into an industrial product.

You Can't Be The Best If You Can't Give Your Best While These Lands Give the Best for You, You Must Offer the Best Contribution

Pouches Food does not only accept Organic Agriculture as a Terminological Concept. Kesbetler Gıda continues its production activities with the awareness of the importance of organic agriculture for Human Health and the Ecological Balance of our World.

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