BRC Food

BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification program. Standards guarantee the standardization of quality, safety and operational criteria and enable manufac-turers to fulfill their legal obligations and protect the end consumer.

EU Organic

The EU organic farming logo gives consumers confidence in the origins and quality of their food and drink, and its presence on any product ensures compliance with the EU organic farming regulation.

NOP National Organic Program

USA’s national organic program. Organic products to be sent to the USA must be certified according to the standards agreed within the framework of this program.

COR Canada Organic Regime

The Canadian Organic Regime is administered by the Canadi-an Organic Office, which is part of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The COR’s framework is the OPR 2009 Organic Products Regulations, which set requirements for the vari-ous actors and infrastructure for organic product labeling and enforcement.

Turkish Organic Law and Regulation

Turkish Organic Agriculture Law and Regulation has been made in order to make organic agriculture an alternative production system and to accept the products of Turkish producers as ‘organic’.


Kosher foods are foods that are appro-priate or allowed to be eaten, meaning kosher, that complies with the regulations of the Jewish Halakha legal framework.Kosher foods are foods that are appro-priate or allowed to be eaten, meaning kosher, that complies with the regulations of the Jewish Halakha legal framework.


Halal (meaning legitimate or legal) is a term denoting any object or action that is permitted to be used or performed under Islamic law. The term is used to denote foods that are permitted under Islamic law.


GLOBALG.A.P stands for Good Agricultural Practice, and GLOBALG.A.P is the worldwide standard that provides it. It’s a global organization with a very important goal: safe, sustainable worldwide agriculture. It sets volun-tary standards for the certification of worldwide agricultural products, and harmonizes more and more manufacturer, supplier and buyer’s certifi-cation standards.


It is a document that must be obtained by foreign companies that offer products such as food, medicine, medical devices, etc. to the US market. The FDA Certificate is one of the docu-ments requested by the US government for the products coming from abroad to enter the domestic market.


FSMA is a system that focuses on pr vent-ing food safety problems before they occur. This law offers FDA a high level of compliance with preventive and riskbased food safety standards, and the chance to prevent and respond to problems.


Grasp is the abbreviation of English words (GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice) and its meaning can be defined as GLOBALG.A.P Social Practices Risk Assessment Module. It is a standard that aims the occupa-tional health & safety and welfare of the person-nel working on the farms.

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Man-agement System Standard, which is based on the principles of customer focus, leadership, employee participation, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making and relationship management, defines the con-ditions for customer satisfaction and ensuring valid legal requirements.

ISO 22000:2018

The ISO 22000:2018 standard includes all processes that can affect end prod-uct safety in the food chain. This standard, which defines the requirements of a comprehensive food safety management system, also covers the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).


HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. The system is a systematic approach that ensures that haz-ards affecting product safety are predetermined and controlled.

Rainforrest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance, founded in 1987 by Daniel KATZ, is a nonprofit that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by changing land use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Union for Ethical BioTrade

Union for Ethical BioTrade is a non-profit association that pro-motes “Sourcing with respect” of ingredients from biodiversity.